Friday, January 14, 2011

Evening Filler

Well Just to give you a little back brief, we don't have cable (let alone a pair  of rabbit ears) to watch television in our household, because well frankly we never watched it to begin with so why start now. So while waiting for my children to fall asleep so I can watch a non-disneyish child geared film I did this...for two hours 'cause that's how long it took them to go to sleep. Make note that I was originally putting away my paints because I am taking a drawing class this semester.

So if you ever think to yourself and say "What can I do to kill some time?" make yourself popcorn, grab paints, some brushes, and paper (I just happen to have a cheap 2 pack of 11"x14" canvases) and paint your pooch (or kitty*I don't discriminate) while they beg for the popcorn your munching on!


  1. Wow. You are VERY talented. LOVE the painting!

    and, I also LOVED your answer in your profile about the Partridge Family. So funny. :) You look too young to even know who the Partridge Family was- I think that is why your answer struck me so funny. Thank you for the good smile tonight- I needed that.

    Happy day. :)

  2. You paint so well ( and I am a bit biased over canines!)