Friday, January 7, 2011

Diaper Cakes

So often enough I have had to make diaper cakes for my pregnant friends, coworkers, my husband's friends and co-workers, and I just wanted to share the love that you to can make this great gift

Gather your supplies:
Size NB or 1-2 disposable baby diapers
Receiving Blankets/Hooded Towels (outside 
Ribbon or Diaper Pins

DECORATIONS (*try to have a theme/color)
Stuffed Animals
Small baby rattles/teethers/pacifiers
Baby supplies *travel fit best
Baby Spoon/bottles
Baby Hat/Bib/Socks

Cellophane wrapping and bow *optional

Start by folding the blankets/towels so they slightly taller then the diaper

Layer your folded blanket/towels in tier order 

Fold ends overlaplaping and secure with ribbon or diaper pins

Set largest tier upright and open making a circle and add diapers in a rotating overlaping manner

Continue this with all tiers

Stack tiers accordingly....onto the fun part

Secure baby items with ribbon

Finish by curling ribbon or bows (clip out initial tier building ribbon if used)

Wrap with cellophane and bows

Here are other pictures of baby diaper cakes I have done in the past

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