Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wire Pictorial Family Tree

I wanted something simple to display family photos instead of just keeping them inside a scrapbook (don't get the wrong idea of me and scrapbooks, but I don't have enough people to come over wanting to browse through my family photos). So when I found this at mormonchic it was a must.
This is my finished "tree", but I have not put pictures on this since I am still deciding on which pictures to add to it, but go to link above to see idea.
When I went to my local arts and craft suppliers, I found wire and craft foil in an array of colors, so don't feel the need to follow color scheme exactly. Also when enlarging to 150, I found that mine fits beautifully inside a 12"x12" shadow box. 


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  2. exactly what kind of wire do i buy @ craft store?

  3. Sorry for the long interjection of time, but to answer your question I used 18 gauge copper wire from Michael's in the jewelry area..again many colors options this one just in silver, but just finished one in "gold" copper wire for her decor color palate.