Tuesday, August 24, 2010

French Memo Board Tutorial

It has come to my attention since school is back in session that picture day is soon to follow. So I am one step ahead of my daughter's soon to be large collection of pictures of friends and (hopefully) family.

Cork Board- 17"x 23"     *found mine at a garage sale for a quarter
Craft Batting- 19"x 25"
Fabric- 22"x 27" (3/4 yrd when store cut/ then cut in half at home)
Ribbon- 18ft spool (6 yrd.)
Buttons- Flat Backed     *mine had tails so I used wire cutters to make flat
Acrylic Paint (optional if you have border trim)
Clear Acrylic Spray Sealer (optional if you have border trim)

Low Temperature Glue Gun **(high temperature glue gun can burn through batting and fabric)
Spray Adhesive
Paper Bags (for work area when working with spray adhesive)
Staple Gun with 5/16" staples

1. If cork board has no frame then skip to step #2. If cork board has a frame take apart from board...choose now if you want to put back on frame, if yes paint them and spray with clear acrylic sealer and let dry or keep them as they are, if not throw them away.

2. Using the spray adhesive on front side of your cork board and gently attach two layers of craft batting making sure an even overlap around board. Spray front side of batting with spray adhesive and gently attach keeping a overlap around batting
*Please note here that my fabric is a double sided print and that if you have single sided print to make sure the finished side is outward facing when attaching)

3. Using your glue gun, carefully glue your fabric/batting to back side of the board. Remember when gluing opposite side to pull tautly, no one wants wrinkles in there finished work.
Non-Framing option: notch only batting for less bulk when folding corners, but fully covering sides
Framed option: notch both fabric and batting for less bulk when reassembling outer frame.

4. Lay out your ribbon in an diamond shape pattern until you are happy with your pattern. Using the staple gun staple the centers where each ribbon cross. This will give it the plush look.
*I like using a basket weave technic to prevent slipping of ribbon when stapling and alternating direction of staple with the top ribbon, look at detailed picture)

5. Wrap outer edges of ribbon around your wrapped fabric board tautly and secure to the back with the glue gun. Attach buttons to the centers of each stapled ribbon cross with glue gun.
Non-Framing option: Go to #6.
Framed option: Skip to step #7.

6. Attach wall mounting hangers to the back top corners. You are finished!

7. Reassemble frame around fabric board. Using staple gun, staple frame corners together from back side, and also the center back of each frame side to board. Attach wall mounting hangers to the back top corners. You are finished!


  1. Love this! I really love the fun fabric you used. We made something similar for our granddaughters.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed my visit to yours. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

  2. I'll have to keep my eyes open for a cork board like this! Thanks for the tutorial =)

  3. As a thanks to your blog for inspiring me I’ve given you a blog award! Here’s the post it is at : http://www.mandyscreativecorner.com/my-first-blog-award